#MarathiInspiration I Lost sight but not my vision | Anagha Modak | Swayam Aurangabad 2018

Anagha Modak was living a normal life, until one day when her life turned upside down..in 2014 she got detected with dengue and in that lost her eyesight

She shares with her heart wrenching story of grit and determination and he journey back from difficult times. Now she is a TV anchor, RJ and conducts various programs

Get ready to be inspired..

About Swayam

‘AmrutYatra’ (www.amrutyatra.com) has been formed to connect the inspirational individuals and institutions, with the common man. ‘Swayam’ is the yield of our intentions!

‘Swayam’ aims at providing a platform to remarkable common people who thought uncommonly and carved their own path with confidence, knowledge and perseverance. This isn’t just a talk show but a movement to inspire every human being to shove routine lifestyles and evolve to become what he or she desires.

Changing times demands a knowledgeable and innovative society and we believe that Swayam shall play a pivotal role for it.

About the Author Aniruddha

Aniruddha is an MBA graduate and an Internationally Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication (USA) and a Mindfulness Coach. His Mission is to help people to EXCEL and 'Transform their Personal & Professional Life'.

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