Life Purpose & Mindfulness Coach

Aniruddha is a MBA graduate and an Internationally Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication (USA) and a Mindfulness Coach. He received his NVC training in the UK and the USA. As an internationally certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication, Aniruddha has got an extra edge in the field of communication.

Master of Soft-Skill Trainings: In last 27 years he has trained more than 2,00,000 people. He has trained people from all walks of life, from several MNC's to NGO's. He is actively working with several Schools, Police department, Prison, Youth Groups and Spiritual Communities to empower people and to bring out the best in them.


Dr. Swati is a medical doctor by profession. She believes in healing the body naturally through Ayurveda. Besides being an Ayurveda doctor she is a professional Yoga teacher.

Depression & Stress: She integrates both the streams to heal and rejuvenate body. Her main focus is to help people with Depression and Stress through simple techniques of yoga and breath works. She asserts that Breath is life force itself and is your best natural healer.

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